Gift Cards

Gift Card

When you buy and use XPRESS CAR WASH GIFT CARD, every 6th car wash is FREE!
For those who like math, that equates to a 20% bonus. Why do we do this? Because we like you. It’s the best deal that no one knows about…yet.

  1. XPRESS CAR WASH Gift Card never expire

  2. There are no additional charges over time with XPRESS CAR WASH Gift Card.

  3. Until further notice, every time you reload your Gift Card, you will receive the 20% bonus.

  4. Your Gift Card balance will print out on the receipt after each use.

  5. Your 20% bonus will automatically be added to your Gift Card!

Reward Card

BUY any 10 CAR WASHES receive 1 FREE Express Wash.
For those who like saving enroll today at no cost and start earning points NOW!

  1. Earn 1 point each visit.

  2. Collect 10 points.

  3. Receive a FREE Express Car Wash – or –

  4. Use your credit towards any other wash package.

  5. Check your points at the bottom of the receipt.

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