Wash Options

wash options

  1. Simoniz Ceramic Sealant "NEW"

    hot wax shine

    Simoniz Ceramic Sealant represents a major breakthrough in car wash chemistry. It combines all three desirable results?shine, protection, and durability. And when our newly formulated molecule combines with a ceramic additive and other unique polymers, it creates a highly hydrophobic and durable film. Water will break instantly and run off the vehicle.

  2. Hot Wax & Shine

    hot wax shine

    Simoniz Hot Wax is the car wash industry leading sealer wax. Hot Wax is formulated utilizing naturally occurring carnauba wax and polymers to produce a hand wax-like finish on the vehicle?s surface. This product will delivers a layer of protection that is noticeable to the eye and to the touch upon application. The application of this product should be followed by an application of a drying agent and a fresh water rinse.

  3. Vision Clear

    vision clear

    A silicone-containing product that forms a molecular film on windshields and seals the microscopic pores, thus repelling rain, snow and sleet. The Vision Clear protected surface causes water to bead up and follows the windshield to blow droplets away when driving. The results: better vision and safer driving.

  4. Simoniz Shield

    teflon sealant sign artA grape-scented clear coat sealer that delivers shine to the vehicle’s surface. This product also exhibits excellent water break and beading properties upon application.

  5. Triple Foam

    triple foamProvides extra deep-cleaning and shine. It is a combination of cleaning agent and silicone Polymers, which are foamed onto your vehicle, and is typically buffed in with soft cloth or rinse off under high pressure.

  6. Wheel Brite

    wheel briteA non-acidic, liquid alkaline wheel, rim and brake dust cleaner with a unique blend of alkaline along with unique solvents to remove brake dust and leave the wheel clean with an extreme shine.

  7. Tire Shine

    tire shineHigh quality tire shine can restore the original black luster to your tires to a fresh new look. Nothing makes your clean car stand out like well dressed tires and your car will turn heads with Black Beauty tire dressing.

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